“I think that one of the best parts of being a part of Belron4Partners® is that you can share your concerns with the franchises team and get objective feedback. Also, the knowledge and experience that they provide from other countries and markets is essential in an ever-evolving business like ours.”
Sven Freiberg, Head of Division at Carglass® Estonia
“I would highlight the quick and friendly response that I always get from the Belron4Partners®. Also, the different ideas that they provide from other countries, which we can try in own market with a better performance.”

Reio Kivimägi, Technical manager at Carglass® Estonia

“The Belron4Partners® team always provide good ideas and trustable knowledge, so we don’t need to discover what works on our own. That kind of resources and experience is truly useful.”
Ago Kärema, Sales and Client Service at Carglass® Estonia