“We have a win-win relation with the Belron® team. I really appreciate the strategic thinking and the huge knowledge they have, but also their human values.”

Piotr Trzcionka, General Manager
at Autoglass® Poland

“When I ask a question, I am 100% sure that I will receive immediate support from someone at Belron® and that he already knows how to solve it.”

Monika Boroszewska,
Customer Experience Manager
at Autoglass® Poland

“On great thing about the Belron® team is that they give you a fresh point of view, they show you different ways of doing things so you can improve results.”

Agnieszka Ćwiląg, Corporate
Sales Account Manager
at Autoglass® Poland

“The relation with Belron® has been great since the beginning, and now it is very challenging, we are building great things together.”

Tomasz Kot, Sales & Marketing Manager
at Autoglass® Poland