“I am proud of being a part of Belron®’s story. Every day is a new challenge for me, and I learn something new. Besides, the Belron4Partners® team give us a lot of support, they work with my people, motivate and coach them, and that is something we really appreciate.”

Simon Najglič, Operations manager at Carglass® Slovenia

“My experience as a Belron® partner is really positive. I have learned a lot, and gathered a lot of knowledge and best practices. It is interesting that they use different approaches in different countries, and that we can access these best practices so you can extract your own conclusions and see what works best for your country.”
Dejan Šeruga, General manager at Carglass® Slovenia
“I am very happy to be a part of Belron®‘s team, because I can learn straight from the experts. They are always very reachable and helpful. Besides, the collected knowledge they have from all over the world is really valuable.”
Anja Brence, Head of Call Center and Customer Experience Manager at Carglass® Slovenia
“It is great to work with the Belron4Parters® team, because they make you feel that we are on the same boat, and they push you to be better and better, even making you feel comfortable at an uncomfortable zone.”
Uroš Knez, Head of Marketing and Key Accounts at Carglass® Slovenia